Day: April 1, 2020


“I touch the future, I teach”. -Sharon Christa McAuliffe Being a newbie in the world of writing blogs I am choosing a topic that is close to my heart. As I reminisce about my school days, it brings with it a flood of memories. I was very fortunate to have some great teachers who changed […]

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Digital world – boon or bane??

There was a time when my grandfather used to allow me out for 1-2 hours to play with my friends. If there was a shortage of any groceries people used to go out and buy their necessities. In doing so they met many people and discussed cricket matches, politics, social issues etc. Social connection and […]

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Importance of Phonetics (Phoneme) in English reading and writing

India is a country where Hindi is the Official Language. Though Hindi is an official language, each state/region of India has its own diversified languages in use. English is the global language, in the backdrop of globalisation, it is proved to be a language which has to be learnt by one and all. As this […]

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