Day: April 23, 2020

Swar Or Vyanjan – What Should Be Taught First?

While English is known to be a funny language, Hindi is certainly not. Hindi is phonetic, it’s read the way it’s written. If this is so, then what could be the reason that despite spending nearly an entire academic year on learning generally a total of 47 ‘swar’ (vowels) and ‘vyanjan’ (consonants), most children struggle […]

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My Experience with Education in the Non-Profit Sector

About 20% of people in India still live in slums with minimal means and an even lesser motivation to pursue education. This blog is about my experience with an NGO, the Robin Hood Army where we took up the challenge to reach out to the underprivileged and pave a way for them to a better […]

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Online teaching – a need of the hour

With the recent pandemic due to the spread of the Coronavirus, classroom learning has taken a jolt. Millions of students have been affected by theschool closures but a great part of them never stopped learning – Thanks to the technology. Though all the teachers and students are locked up at their homes, the teaching-learning process […]

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