Digital world – boon or bane??

There was a time when my grandfather used to allow me out for 1-2 hours to play with my friends. If there was a shortage of any groceries people used to go out and buy their necessities. In doing so they met many people and discussed cricket matches, politics, social issues etc. Social connection and attachment existed among people..
But today, it is very much satisfying to say that the world has moved towards a new era of the digital age where everything from looking information and using social media to online shopping from Flipkart and amazon to getting a vegetable basket at your home to booking movie tickets and watching movies online on Netflix and Hotstar has been digitized. Even the money transactions have been digitized.

There is a gradual shift in human behaviour where a person does not want to go out for necessities. This has even trickled down to the children also as they are found more occupied in online games like PUB G rather than playing any outdoor games. The digital age has brought both goods and evils in anyone’s life.

Here, now I am stuck at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, working from home and thanking all the people who have brought this revolution of the digital age where I can find everything without stepping out of the house. I just have to browse for half an hour and I can get all the necessities and luxuries as per my requirement at my doorstep from any part of the world.

Yet, I feel too much digitization is bringing a fate for us where social distancing will no longer be a necessity due to lockdown but will gradually become a part of human behaviour. We will remember our near and dear ones through Facebook and Whatsapp, wishing them a happy birthday and some very casual “How are you?”.

Students, at this juncture of their life, want to explore their life with their friends, their companions and live to the fullest. Schools and colleges are not only about learning concepts and giving exams. They are a means to learn to live your life and develop skills.

This Corona pandemic has brought down havoc in its entirety as it has forced us for complete lockdown. Thanks to the zoom technology that students are still learning through online classes with all kinds of resources available for them online. From reading an online textbook to submitting homework online, from watching a conceptual video to learning activities, all have been covered through online classes. There are multiple other benefits of having online classes, but do students get to meet their friends, do they get to learn skills other than concepts, do they get to experience life through online classes? The answer is no!.

It’s not just about losing your social touch, the digital age has turned a toll on a healthy lifestyle of human beings. Due to shifts in lifestyle, people are more prone to lifestyle diseases. Earlier, going out to buy groceries, or shopping for clothes, or walking till the bus stand to catch a bus to your office or going to school running and playing led to some amount of physical exercise. What will happen if those are taken away from people? The world is moving so fast and is very well connected with the technologies, it saves lots of our time but is it going to save our lives?

I am a staunch supporter of digitization as it brings a lot of comforts to the people but at the same time the touch of our old life must not completely vanish and we should step out of our house daily at least once. We should meet people as much as possible. Let our lives be not completely dependent on the technologies in such a way that they become indispensable for our life. I don’t want a world where machines and technologies start ruling us and shaping our lives. It should be us who gives shape to the technologies and machines.


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