Education during COVID 19 outbreak

COVID-19 is deadly, it spreads easily and has resulted in the entire world to be in lockdown. Lockdowns are necessary to break the chain of propagation of the virus. All the businesses, industries are shutdown.
The education sector is also not spared. During these difficult times, the education sector needs alternate ways to provide its core function of educating students. The players in this industry have been very stable in India. Unlike other countries where education is evolving with time, the education industry in India is unmoved of the progress in the world. Education is still treated as rote learning and memorising. Practical and research-based learning should be focused on the Indian education system.
Since going outside is not an option, so we have to take the school to the students now.
Many families have phones, tabs in their homes. The Internet is also cheap in India, thanks to the telecom industry war in India. This is an advantage for educators. Online classes and workshops can be arranged through a platform. It can be provided free or can be used to earn revenue too. All subjects and activity can be done online.
To-do list for students in COVID 19 lockdown
Education has taken a hit also and the young population’s life has been affected due to this. They were supposed to play outside, join summer classes, visit their friends, but with this quarantine, everything is stopped. Being a child during this time is pretty difficult to be confined within the house. If this scenario continues, the students and adults will have different sets of mental problems, if one is not engaged properly. This quarantine may last for 1-2 months and will have very serious side effects on mental health if you don’t take care of yourself.
I have penned down a list of important things students can follow during this time.
Follow a routine and get up early
Students will feel that since there is no school, then there is no need to get up early in the morning. But no! They should get up early in the morning.
• Exercise and meditate: for a healthy body and a healthy mind
Yes, this is an age-old mantra, that is and will be always relevant. Now it is more relevant at this time. So everyday morning regularly wake up early and don’t stay on the bed. The bed is to be used only for sleeping. Avoid bed at any other time. Exercise and meditate every day. This prepares you makes you focused.
• Eat food at regular fixed intervals
Eat healthy food at regular intervals. Don’t be hungry at this time. Taking care of the body is the best thing to do at this time.
• Make your study station
Since staying on the bed is not an option. Students can make an arrangement where they can sit for studying, reading and learning. Surround yourself with books and read.
• Read, learn, revise
Join online classes regularly. Read books related to the subjects given. Also now students have time to read a lot of other books, novels etc. to gain knowledge
• Develop a skill/art that you like
It’s a perfect time to develop a skill. If one loves to play keyboard, guitar, tabla, etc. do it now. Want to learn painting, dancing, then this is the right time. If you want to learn a foreign language, then do it now. Watch online content and learn from it. Some will be free too. Students can subscribe to the courses which they like the most.
• Play
Since going outside is not an option, students can enjoy playing and making things. Involve They can Involve in making small projects from available materials in the home. Students can play online games, but that should be limited.
• Interact
Students can call their friends, cousins and interact with them regularly about the ideas and progress on the new skill sets.
• Don’t idle away time
Students have to be engaged all the time. They can do anything they like to do, develop. Remember that, time is a gift for you.

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