Online teaching – a need of the hour

With the recent pandemic due to the spread of the Coronavirus, classroom learning has taken a jolt. Millions of students have been affected by theschool closures but a great part of them never stopped learning – Thanks to the technology.

Though all the teachers and students are locked up at their homes, the teaching-learning process is being continued through online classes that are being adopted by many schools. The Internet-based virtual classroom platforms are helpful tools that enable the students and teachers to interact with each other online.

Soon after the closure, few schools started online classes as an emergency alternative even though it is not a true alternative to real-time classrooms. Online teaching may not have much adverse impact in higher education learning as content learning play a major role there. But for the lower grades, where Peer learning, behavioural learning, social learning etc. play an equal/major role in the subject learning, this method will not be a long term alternative. But, in the current scenario, these online classes are helping in keeping the students attached to their academic needs. Continuation of these services will depend on factors like the dates of schools re-opening, the need for social distancing etc. Parents also need to prepare themselves accordingly. The system followed so far is a trial and is an emergency alternative. But, if this situation prolongs, schools may have to plan further for online tests that are a known practice in higher education. Similar is with homework and correction. Parallelly, parents may have to make necessary arrangements to have good internet connectivity, to procure necessary gadgets like Desktop/laptop, installing proper parental control tools, etc. Also need to provide a proper atmosphere to the student at home like provision of an isolated space and time during online classes, avoiding distractions during online class time by stopping usage of gadgets like TV etc.
Even the Union Govt. is planning for online teaching. It is trying to collect opinions from different segments of society. There is no doubt, In the future, online teaching will become more prominent. Few are worried about s the security issues. According to IT experts, every internet-based utility has its threat and online teaching is not an exception. But, with necessary precautions, we need not worry. With proper parental controls, possible distractions can be avoided. It is well evident that children can adapt to technology faster than their parents and teachers. It is the need of the hour to create a proper atmosphere thus in acting according to the need of the hour

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