Professional Development for Educators and Teachers

You’re Always On: Your Career ….Growing as Teacher

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge’

 – Albert Einstein

As teachers and educators, we need to be on the edge to explore new learning experiences for our students. Exploration of new learning opportunities not only helps also sharpen our own practice and contribute to the collective understanding of the profession. It becomes instrumental to spark new spirit in the everyday classroom. 

Teaching is a serious profession like Medicine – even after a rigorous certification process, medical professionals go through a number of continuing development opportunities as they deal with life. Teachers also deal with the life of their students and thus professional development needs to have its roots in accord to teaching itself. In education, research has shown that teaching quality is an important factor in raising student achievement. To implement the best educational practices and help students learn at the highest levels educators need to continually expand their knowledge and skills.

When people use the term “professional development,” they usually mean a formal process such as a conference, seminar, or workshop; collaborative learning among members of a work team; or a course at a college or university. However, professional development can also occur in informal contexts such as discussions among work colleagues, independent reading and research, observations of a colleague’s work, or other learning from a peer.

People learn through experience. As in all professions, new teachers and principals take years to gain the skills they need to be effective in their roles. Teachers juggle with a number of unfamiliar issues, such as classroom management, instruction, curriculum, school culture and operations, test preparation and administration, parent relations, and interactions with other teachers. Left to themselves, they may develop counterproductive behaviors. With extra support, however, teachers learn more effective practices to apply to daily challenges. 

“Sure Learning” (Online Teacher Training Platform) is one such solution to all the above needs of educators it helps to empower the teaching & learning fraternity, unleashing their ‘I CAN’ mindset. It is an interactive platform for academic professionals dwelling into a new arena of learning. The focus is on providing support on a diverse variety of courses for the teaching professionals, in order to help them identify their strengths & build an effective practice, leading to improved outcomes. Each course is an amalgamation of interesting riddles, crossword puzzles, videos, brainteasers, and so much more, designed to unravel a joyful and engaging way of learning.

Ultimately, professional development matters, because it is an ongoing process throughout a teacher’s career; it prepares her for the constantly changing classroom and provides rich opportunities for her to continue to develop her teaching skills and subject matter knowledge and be the part of the jovial wing of the Education industry.

Let us always be learners, doers, and teachers.


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