school set up

Starting a new School or upgrading an existing school wanting to match with the progressive schools of today was never so easy than today. With Eduvate taking complete ownership of transforming and upgrading the schools, you can be assured of a complete makeover of your school.

For New School Set up / Upgrading existing schools, Eduvate provides the handholding under the following categories.

School Set Up :

- Financial feasibility & budgetary planning.

- Setting up the Vision & Philosophy of the school.

- Presenting & implementing the plan comprising of all functions like Academics, Operations, Marketing, and Finance & HR\

- Academics: Process design, Deciding on Curriculum, Teachers Handbook, Parent Handbook, and SOPs for stakeholders.

- Affiliation & Launch: All Govt approvals to comply with to start the School.

Marketing Solution

- Defining TG and Budget.

- Freezing Channels of Business Development.

- Setting up Org structure for Marketing Team

- Brand Building Exercise

- Communication & Launch Support.

- Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

- Admission inquiry & Parent handling

- Call Center Management.

Administrative Services

- School Repairs & Maintenance

- Transport Support

- Recruitment

- Payroll with Complete statutory filing support like PF, ESI, IT, Charity Commissioner

- Communication & Launch Support.

- School Redesign

- Accounting Support who does Audit and alignment..