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Multi Channel

Parent – Teacher Communication Software

Parent Communication

Eduvate understands how vital communication is between school & parents, to maintain a healthy relationship between parents and school we had developed Personalized Parent’s App that connects schools with parents and enables them to track the following:

What We Offer

We offer multi-channel parent-teacher connectivity, where parents get an easy-to-use control panel to manage the learning and development of their children

Easy Navigation Access and Login to ERP

Students have to log in with a user name and password

Online Class

Students/parents can see their complete day classes by logging into the app

Access to Attendance Report

Students' online attendance gets updated and month-wise attendance can be shown here.

Daily Diary

Daily classwork and homework allotted to the student can be viewed here and any other communication from the school will also be shown here.

Watch Video

All in One Assessment Tool to Track All Parameters

Communicate directly with school/teacher


Frequently Asked Questions

Communicate directly with school/teacher
Extensive and comprehensive training is given to the teachers on curriculum and ERP throughout the year.

Each school has dedicated Academic Manager and Operations manager to look after the requirements of the school. The managers are responsible for effective and smooth implementation of the curriculum and deliverables

Eduvate is a complete school growth partner and empowers the stakeholder school by providing continuous technical support and training on the well reserached and comprehensive curriculum.

Our entire content is uploaded in the tab for easy access and the teacher could display the resources like videos, PPT’s ,etc on the TV in the classroom thus helping the students and teachers. In case the class rooms are equipped with smart boards and have wifi connectivity, then the teachers could use the resources directly from the ERP to explain to the students.