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Teacher Management

Eduvate trains teachers to teach effectively with a focus on leveraging interactive aids to improve students’ performance and concept clarity.

Teachers are provided with a detailed overview of how to teach a particular chapter and what resources/teaching aid to be used.

Subject / Chapter / Period-wise detailed Lesson Plans are provided to the teachers, transforming teaching techniques for better understanding.

What We Offer

Teachers’ training throughout the year to effectively utilise the available support, aids and resources in order to achieve the teaching Objectives.

Online Quiz

Tool with in-depth assessment of the attainment of educational objectives.

Student Resources

Provide a 3 - dimensional learning experience through learning by doing.

Attendance Tracking

Simplified collection and analysis of attendance data.

Class Audits

Tracking of Lesson completion through ERP and a support for Curriculum Implementation Quality.

Online Class

Provide the platform for direct online class scheduling through the ERP itself.

Homework Management

Facility for assigning home and class tasks to learners and evaluating the same.

Watch Video

All in One Assessment Tool to Track All Parameters

We organize, create and manage the learning environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find responses to your questions.
Extensive and comprehensive training is given to the teachers on curriculum and ERP throughout the year.

Each school has dedicated Academic Manager and Operations manager to look after the requirements of the school. The managers are responsible for effective and smooth implementation of the curriculum and deliverables

Eduvate is a complete school growth partner and empowers the stakeholder school by providing continuous technical support and training on the well reserached and comprehensive curriculum.

Our entire content is uploaded in the tab for easy access and the teacher could display the resources like videos, PPT’s ,etc on the TV in the classroom thus helping the students and teachers. In case the class rooms are equipped with smart boards and have wifi connectivity, then the teachers could use the resources directly from the ERP to explain to the students.