Why It Is Important to Differentiate Your School Brand

Why It Is Important to Differentiate Your School Brand

Beyond quality education and high pass percentage, good branding raises the value of a school, motivates teachers and students, and makes onboarding of new students easier. So why does branding really matter so much? 

Because it’s everything. 

Just consider this—when parents select a school for their children, they are doing it fully aware of the facilities, coaching quality, infrastructure, library, and laboratory offered in the school. They will go to any extent to see their child study in that school, regardless of the fees and the distance.  

There is competition among schools and with many of them offering top-notch education and services, it’s only your brand that will differentiate you from the crowd. 

Here are the reasons why it is important to differentiate your school brand.

  1. First impression is always the best impression 

It’s a basic human tendency to create an impression of anything in the first few meetings— whether it’s a person or a business, people tend to make decisions based on the image created during the initial interactions. In much the same way, if a school has to attract parents, it has to do it in the first or second meetings. That’s the first place where you create your brand. 

Firstly if you have to attract prospective parents, you have to ensure your school conveys your values very clearly. Secondly, you must have consistency across all promotional and branding collaterals. A good example here would be your school’s logo and motto. These should appear across all your school’s online and print collaterals. Consistency shows people about how strong your school is. It also shows people that your school is established and can be trusted. 

  1. Brand helps create an identity

Brands create an identity and that’s how it has always been. It’s brands that pull people toward them. When people are unfamiliar with your school, then it’s branding that will pull them to you. Branding helps you forge an identity for your school and build trust. However, without an effective name and brand in place, parents will find it very difficult to connect with your school.

  1. Your school can build trust 

Customers always have faith in strong brands. Whether it’s business or education, brand recall and brand pull always works. Parents trust schools that have a reputation for excellent coaching. Not just but teachers, students, and parents will always feel proud of your brand.  While this simply means how important it is for you to establish your brand. 

Branded schools pull parents much the same way as branded companies and products pull customers. 

  1. Good branding is much more than selling your school 

Good branding is much more than meets the eye. While there are certain obvious benefits like better exposure and higher admission rates, there also something more important your school brand will give you: uniqueness. Just like not all brands are the same, not all schools are the same. Some schools are known for their pretty large playgrounds while some are known for tuition quality. Each school has some kind of USP for which they are known. You will have to create one such USP in order to become known among parents. 

That uniqueness could be anything: robotics, teachers, sports, or just about anything that can set your school apart from others. 

At the end of the day, your school will be identified, remembered, and recognized by the brand and reputation it has built. It also helps glue your school’s relationship with parents, because they trust an established brand more than anything else. Eduvate has been in the business of education consultancy for over a decade helping schools across the country build brands that parents and students know. Backed by IIM and IIT alumni, Eduvate runs 40 schools of its own where over 25,000 students study. If you have already own a school or are planning to start one and brand building is what you need, then touch base with us today on letseducate.com.

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