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How to groom young kids during lockdown


In the current context of lockdown and curfews, children have constrained access to amuse themselves by playing outdoors, which is critical for their psychosocial wellbeing and development. Schools’ closure prevents children from access to learning and limits their interactions with peers and teachers. It is a stressful and anxious time for children.

Children may feel confused and disoriented with the current situation, leading to frustration and anxiety, increasing with overexposure to digital media, especially among adolescents. Parents often struggle to explain and communicate with children about the current situation. Parents need to demonstrate a high capacity of resilience to ensure the personality development of kids amid the pandemic.

Parents are responsible for shaping the personality of their children. In this blog, we will discuss a few tips for parents that can help to groom their children’s personalities amid this pandemic. Please help your child get proper social exposure to enhance their social skills when they are restricted to the home.

Following are the strategies that can help you raise confident children who are invested in becoming the best versions of themselves:

1. Plan the day for your kids

Children need to understand this is not a vacation and that they must follow a routine with fixed mealtime, study time and bedtime. Plan day-to-day activities for the kids. Let them learn and develop creative skills like drawing, painting, designing artworks, or playing any musical instruments which can easily be worked on while staying at home. Make a habit of reading good storybooks and playing board games as leisure activities.

2. Help them socialize with their friends and extended family

Let your child focus on “physical distancing” rather than “social distancing”. Children can get together with their peers and extended family members and help them maintain their social network through digital media platforms. Encourage them to keep their bonds with other people, which will help enhance their social skills, contributing to personality development.

3. Enroll them on online workshops

It is high time that we should enroll kids on some well-curated e-learning programs to make use of their idle time in an effective way. Sparkle box school offers home preschool learning kits to help your kid build a strong foundation of subjects.

4. Be a role model

Be a good role model for them. Children have always learned by observing how their parents handle the stress and treat others. You should strive, model the behaviour and showcase the qualities you want to see in them. Set an example for them. Show your kids how to greet and welcome someone or how to ask questions when they are confused. Demonstrate how to manage emotions, like frustration, confusion, and sadness.

5. Turn self-isolation into family bonding time

School closure and the loss of two full academic years have undoubtedly created a massive impact on children’s education. Ignoring socio-emotional learning and mental wellbeing could be a process for disaster in the long run. It is important to remind children about the positives of having time together and utilizing this time. Let them engage in healthy conversation with people they know through online means.

6. Talk with kids about pandemics

Handle your kid’s curiosity, explain why we all are restricted to home and answer the questions about the pandemic simply & honestly. Talk with children about their fear. Make them understand that people are getting sick because of the pandemic, but remind them that following safety measures like washing their hands, wearing face masks, and staying home will help your family stay healthy.

Take away

Children may exhibit several behavioural and emotional changes as they are constrained to home due to the extended lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Parents should navigate the children about these changes in a friendly manner. By creating a prompt and natural routine of the new normal that emerged during the quarantine, the child should be offered a perception of a safe and free environment. When planning the routine, it would be more appropriate to construct an order that is sustainable, holistic, and responsive to the child’s needs. This way, we can utilize this time to develop a child’s overall personality. View this confinement at home as an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your kids and nurture their social and emotional development.

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