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Robotics and Coding in schools

Let’s Eduvate is committed to upgrading the Learning System and has been offering comprehensive Computer Science and Robotics program. National Educational Policy’s (NEP) recommendation of introducing Robotics and Coding in school education has been a successful part of our offerings since 2017. Eduvate ensures that students get exposure to technology at an early age in an experiential manner through specially designed Learner Kits.

Computer Coding

Boosts logical thinking, and enhances problem-solving skills.
Students learn to create apps, animations, and games.

CS Primary grades

The main focus of the curriculum for these grades is to provide an introduction to Computational thinking & Basics of computers Students learn how to approach a problem/challenge and divide them into small parts and solve them.

CS Middle school

Students learn about computational thinking and creativity through computers. . Students explore the world of 3d modelling and make different 3d objects by adding and modifying simple 3d shapes, and later venture into making 3d objects by giving instructions instead of modelling manually.

CS higher grades

In higher grades, the student uses creativity, design skills, and programming using advanced programming concepts, and computer languaging and creates apps and robots. It opens a new world in front of the students as they can make android apps using their imagination.

Robotics Grade 1-3

Physics-related concepts like force and work, weight, and magnetism, energy levitation using magnets aeromodelling are reinforced through experiential learning .

Robotics Grade 4-5

Students will learn about electronics, electronic circuits and block-based programming which is easy and user-friendly.

Robotics Grade 6-9

Students will be undertaking advanced projects . They will be introduced to a text-based coding platform (Internet of things), programming, circuits making, using IR, LDR, Ultrasonic sensors, development board etc. In-depth understanding of Ultrasonic sensors, servo motor, LCD display, and temperature sensors. Projects using a combination of the above sensors and actuators are also included.


Robotics and Aeromodelling

Conceptual robotics kits help to enhance creativity, Improve collaborative skills, analytical skills, and reasoning skills.

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All in One Assessment Tool to Track All Parameters

Conceptual robotics kits help to enhance creativity, improve collaborative skills, analytical skills, and reasoning skills.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Extensive and comprehensive training is given to the teachers on curriculum and ERP throughout the year.

Each school has dedicated Academic Manager and Operations manager to look after the requirements of the school. The managers are responsible for effective and smooth implementation of the curriculum and deliverables

Eduvate is a complete school growth partner and empowers the stakeholder school by providing continuous technical support and training on the well reserached and comprehensive curriculum.

Our entire content is uploaded in the tab for easy access and the teacher could display the resources like videos, PPT’s ,etc on the TV in the classroom thus helping the students and teachers. In case the class rooms are equipped with smart boards and have wifi connectivity, then the teachers could use the resources directly from the ERP to explain to the students.