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Multiply your school’s growth by 10x

School Branding & Marketing

Partnering with Eduvate is a convenient way to market your school. We provide high-quality marketing collateral to make your school a household name! We also provide in-depth training to your teachers and even to admission counselors for giving information to prospective admission seekers accurately and impressively. Contact us today and take that first step in the ideal direction!

What We Offer

Facilities for conduct of Academic and Administrative functions through ERP.

Demo classroom

As soon as a School signs up for an Eduvate marketing solution, they are given a demo classroom. This allows potential parents to see our innovative way of teaching and learning. The demo classroom is set up immediately, so they can see what their child would be learning if they were to enroll at our school. This is a great way for parents to get a sneak peek into our unique educational program.

Marketing collaterals

We offer marketing collateral that can be used by schools for various promotions. These include flyers, posters, banners, brochures, and more. Each collateral has its own purpose and can be used to target a specific audience.

Video shoot

Video shoot for the school promotion. The video shoot will feature students interacting and enjoying the campus, testimonials of parents, etc. The video can be used for online promotions and will be posted on the school website or social media channels


In order to improve admission conversions, counselors need in-depth training on the application process. This training will help counselors be better equipped to close the admissions and increase the students' chances of being admitted...

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All in One Assessment Tool to Track All Parameters

Technology Integration in Schools


Frequently Asked Questions

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Extensive and comprehensive training is given to the teachers on curriculum and ERP throughout the year.

Each school has dedicated Academic Manager and Operations manager to look after the requirements of the school. The managers are responsible for effective and smooth implementation of the curriculum and deliverables

Eduvate is a complete school growth partner and empowers the stakeholder school by providing continuous technical support and training on the well reserached and comprehensive curriculum.

Our entire content is uploaded in the tab for easy access and the teacher could display the resources like videos, PPT’s ,etc on the TV in the classroom thus helping the students and teachers. In case the class rooms are equipped with smart boards and have wifi connectivity, then the teachers could use the resources directly from the ERP to explain to the students.