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10 Problems Faced By Students And Their Parents
If you want your child to be fluent in English, solely relying on teachers at school isn’t the best idea.


With student problems becoming more and more common, student life is becoming increasingly hectic, with many students suffering from stress. The issues can be student challenges in education, problems students face in the classroom or anything. It isn’t just the student who suffers, but their parents too. The student-family relationship is based on trust and love, but as student stress increases, this familial affection is tested.

This blog attempts to establish a child student-parent nexus and bring student problems to the forefront for discussion.

10 Problems Faced By Students And Parents With Solutions

Here are ten problems that the students and their parents face:

1. Crashing Grades

Every student has faced bad grades at some point in their academic career; however, when those bad grades stay stagnant and continue through high school and even through college and university with no sign of improvement, it can cause tremendous stress between students and parents. Parents may feel frustrated by the lack of motivation seen in their children or blame themselves, believing that they didn’t do enough to instill good study habits into their kids. There’s nothing worse than a student spending a considerable amount of money on education and not getting the return they expected.

Possible reasons for the crashing grade: Student lack of motivation or low literacy skills. Sometimes the students might need extra help to understand the subject.
Solution: As a parent, you can help your student by being yourself. If you have researched your subject, then you can quiz them on what they know, and if they don’t know what to study, you can add it to the list of things they need to do from now on.

2. Absentee Student

This is one of the common student problems is their absence from school. A student who is found to have motivation finally, but only to skip school or arrive late for class without a solid reason behind their actions, can be just as frustrating for parents. Students should recognise that while attendance isn’t mandatory, it’s important to keep up with course work and avoid problems when dealing with assignments, due dates, and exams. They may believe that the student should realise the importance of education and treat it with more respect.
The reason behind this problem: The common reason behind these student problems is that they do not understand the importance of education and treat it disrespectfully. Or the student might be going through something or being bullied.
Solution: You can help your child understand the importance of education or get them counseling if they are being bullied or going through something.

3. Having No Balance Between Academic Life And Social Life

This is also one of the typical student problems many people face during their time in school. Some studies have shown that students who don’t balance their social life with academics do not perform well and find it challenging to stay on top of assignments and other coursework.

The reason behind this problem: This could be related to the student feeling depressed, having no friends due to bullying, spending too much time on social media or anything else like video games, etc. It could relate to the student having issues at home (parents fighting etc.)
Solution: You can help your student by being supportive and encouraging them to not give up on school. You can also speak with the student’s teachers about their performance at school or help them find new hobbies etc.

4. Homesickness

This is one of the common student problems students face when away from home for extended periods; some students feel homesick more often than others. Constantly feeling homesick creates a harmful effect on their mental health.

The reason behind this problem: This could be related to a student having issues with family members or friends back home. It could also be due to a student feeling lonely, neglected, etc. It could relate to the student not liking their new environment.
Solution: An easy solution for these student problems is allowing the student to visit their family members/friends over holiday breaks or weekends. This will make the student feel less lonely and more supported. Another solution is students making new friends from different cultures/backgrounds, learning about other cultures, etc. This helps students forget their loneliness within a short period of a few weeks.

5. Insomnia

Insomnia leads to a bad lifestyle and affects their grades and physical development. Many students face insomnia due to stress-related problems, i.e., heavy workload or home issues, etc., leading to sleep deprivation. This is among the common student problems children face these days.

The reason behind this problem: There could be many reasons that may cause a student to have insomnia problems, such as a student not liking the environment they are living in, student feeling alone, stressed out studying for exams, etc. It may also occur because of anxiety felt by a student over upcoming assignments, tests, etc.
Solution: As a parent, it is essential to encourage the student to take a break from studying and relax for some time. They should not feel guilty about taking a break during study hours. They need to spend time with friends, take some time for themselves, etc. Parents should also make the student understand that this is nothing unusual and they are perfectly normal students who need a break while studying.

6. Feeling dissatisfied with school performance

It is a healthy sign when a student feels a little disappointed with their grades, but when this feeling turns into being stressed out, it can harm students’ health, both physical and mental well-being. If it goes too intense, it will turn into one of the severe student problems.

The reason behind this: students are becoming too rigid with school performance.
Solution: To tackle the student problem, parents should teach them to always aim for their goals but not be too hard on themselves if they fail to achieve them within the student’s working schedule; the student should work smartly rather than focus more on the student’s workload.

7. Too much procrastination

Procrastination is another problem faced by students who cannot complete their work because they have to stay awake late at night trying to complete it in odd hours. This is among one of the most challenging student problems as this affects their grades and will trouble them in the future.

The reason behind this is a lack of interest in student’s work or the inability to prioritise students’ work. Students lose interest in work.
Solution: Students need encouragement from parents, teachers, and classmates too to not lose focus and complete students’ work as soon as possible. As a parent, you can help them by making a proper routine and encouraging them to follow it.

8. Students spending too much time online

Spending too much time on the internet is causing too many student problems. This can lead to great challenges in education as the student will devote most of the student’s time to the student’s work. Spending too much time online will lead to various problems such as phone addiction, bad eyesight, and wasting time on the phone.

The reason behind this: the main reason students spend too much time online is that they are addicted to social media or are not able to manage/time between studies and their friends.
Solution: This should be sorted as soon as possible as it will have a harmful impact on the student’s future education. Parents need to talk with the student and tell them about the importance of going out with friends to know how important it is for them; this should help a lot.

9. Difficulty in staying awake during class hours

Students may face trouble staying awake during student class hours due to excessive use of electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc. This may lead to sleep deprivation if the same goes on after the classes are over.

The reason behind this is: Students may not be getting adequate sleep at night, which leads to problems staying awake during the lectures.
Solution: Parents should encourage the child to make a proper schedule and focus on studies. You can ensure your child gets enough sleep. Avoid taking naps during the daytime, which will disturb their sleeping pattern. This will help in tackling student problems.

10. Excessive technological dependence

Students tend to spend their time on electronic devices such as laptops, mobiles, etc. Dependence on technology makes them lazy, and the research proves that it also kills children’s creativity.

The reason behind this is: Children have access to technology and devices 24×7, also peer pressure of spending time on social media.

Solution: As a parent, you can monitor the child when they are using technology by placing limits on the time spent by the student in front of gadgets. Also, remind them about their studies and help them set a schedule for everything.


Student life is a memorable but crucial time. It is the time of new experiences, student challenges, and a beginning. A student has to face rigorous academic pressure and manage his homework, projects at school and various other student problems. Parents play a vital role in a student’s life as they boost students’ confidence by motivating them for their bright future linked with proper education, which builds students’ success graph over time.
Students feel assured that they will be guided right from day one of their student life by their parents until they step into the professional world post-college, making student-parent bonding strong.
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