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7 Fun Games to Teach Your Kids English at Home
If you want your child to be fluent in English, solely relying on teachers at school isn’t the best idea.

As a parent, you can do many things at home to teach your kids English.

Sure, you’re not an expert at it; you don’t have any teaching experience. But just a few fun, casual, at-home games, which don’t require “expertise”, can help you help your child.

Here are some of the common fun English activities you can try at home to teach your kids English:

1. Word Hunt

This game is exciting and straightforward. Plus, it won’t take much of your time either, keeping your little one busy for some time. You need a large cardboard, an old kid’s magazine, a scissor, a marker, and glue.

Cut the cardboard and place them side by side. On one side, write down all the alphabets vertically. Now ask your child to go through the magazine, find out 5-10 words starting with ‘A’ and paste those words on another piece of cardboard corresponding to the letter A.

2. Create a word

This is one of the popular English activities for students that help them revise the words they know and dig in their creativity.

The idea is simple. Take cardboard, cut it into small pieces and write alphabets on each piece. To start with, have 5 sets of each alphabet; like five ‘A’, five ‘B’… If needed, have vowels more times since they are used the most. Ask your child to create as many words (of three alphabets and more) in an hour. The next day, ask them to do better and create more words. In subsequent days, once they start doing better, you can then take out a set of alphabets from the mix (i.e. now it would just be four ‘A’, four ‘B’…) This would make things more challenging for your kid.

You can continue with this game for weeks and even months. And every time, it’s going to be just as much interesting for your kid.

3. Match the meaning

Learning new words isn’t sufficient. Kids must have a proper understanding of those words. This is one of the English activities for kids that will help you with exactly that.

Take large cardboard and cut it into small square pieces. Write a word in one piece and the meaning in another piece. Shuffle all the pieces with the meanings. Ask your child to pick a piece that includes a word and then find its matching piece that includes the meaning of that word. Score them for every right match. The more they score, the better!

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